Fireproofing is the application of fire retardant cementitious, intumescent, or fibrous products to bare, unprotected, steel structural beams, columns or decks of a building. AB Applicators will perform one of the following dependent on the job:

  • Sprayed Cementitious Fireproofing is composed of a gypsum based product. When exposed to fire it offers double protection; it acts as a barrier against heat transfer from fire source to substrate while at the same time the binder releases water or crystallization to provide a cooling action to the substrate.
  • Intumescent Paint Fireproofing is applied similar to paint. These coatings expand under fire to form an insulating char layer that protects the structural steel underneath. Intumescent coatings are ideal when the design calls for exposed structural steel as an aesthetic feature of the building.
  • Fibre Insulation Fireproofing is an alternative form of fireproofing to achieve the job specified rating required.

AB Applicators Ltd. are licensed applicators for the following Fireproofing Manufacturers:

Monokote® by W.R. Grace Canada Ltd.www.graceconstruction.com.

A worldwide leader in the construction products industry and recognized for their in-place performance and superior durability, Grace building materials can be found in major construction projects spanning the globe. Monokote® spray applied cementitious fireproofing is specified by architects and favored by applicators to protect a building’s structural steel from failure in the event of fire.

CAFCO by Isolatek™ International Cafco Industrieswww.isolatek.com

Isolatek™ is recognized throughout the world as the leader in fireproofing with a complete line of products ranging from spray-applied fire resistive materials (SFRMs) to interior/exterior water-based intumescent coatings. Isolatek™ offers rigid board fire protection as well as thermal and acoustical products. Environmentally conscious, Isolatek’s™ experience and state-of-the-art Research and Development facility have enabled them to continue with new and innovative solutions to the construction industry.

AB Applicators follows the guidelines specified by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canadawww.ulc.ca and Underwriters Laboratories Inc.www.ul.com.

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